The concept

A Junior Enterprise – is a non-profit civil social organization, formed and managed exclusively by undergraduate and postgraduate students of higher education (universities or business schools). Junior Enterprises provides services for companies, institutions and society, under the guidance of teachers and professionals with the goal to consolidate and enhance the learning or their members.
Also, the members of the Junior Enterprise experience unique learning opportunities by doing professional project work on one side, and managing small-to medium-sized enterprises on the other. By doing this they add practical experience to their theoretical skills and bridge the gap between academia and the business world.

Junior Enterprises are similar to real companies, counting with the principles of corporate governance like management council and executive board, and own regulation.


A Junior Enterprise is an opportunity for students to develop self-confidence and experience entrepreneurship at an early stage in their careers, to add practical experience to the theoretical skills they learn at university and to provide private business with state-of-the-art knowledge from universities.

"Learning by doing" experience

The concept of Junior Enterprises aims to provide students of higher education with a unique "learning by doing" experience. While still studying at the university, students create and manage their own non-profit SME's. They offer various consulting services to the market, in relation to their field of study, such as marketing, finance, communication or engineering. Joining or creating a Junior Enterprise provides them with unique learning opportunities not only by working on professional project but also by managing small-to medium-sized enterprises.

Fostering entrepreneurial skills

The Junior Enterprise experience helps to develop new kind of skills, needed in modern economies and societies. Developing self-confidence and experiencing entrepreneurship at an early stage is one of the many opportunities a Junior Enterprise offers. In international partnerships and conferences, Junior Enterprises are entities of multicultural learning and exchange in a conductive and competitive environment. Adding practical experience to their theoretical skills, Junior Entrepreneurs provide businesses with state-of-the-art knowledge from universities.

Enhancing employability in a local market

Junior Enterprises are self-sustaining and self-developing organizations without little demand for external resources. They usually finance their day to day activities through projects and partnerships with local companies or as well as with international companies. However, in order to succeed, they depend on the motivation, the willingness and the commitment of the students. This is why Junior Enterprises usually attract very talented students from various fields of study. Due to this accumulation of talents in one organization, Junior Enterprises can help local companies to search for and employ talented, experienced and motivated students from one single place.

Improving local economic and social growth

Being students, Junior Entrepreneurs are a direct way to promote universities brands to local companies. A high-developed Junior Enterprise will automatically improve the university's reputation and recognition and will also help to increase the brand awareness of the university which attracts even more talented students. This is by far not the only local impact of a Junior Enterprise. Since a Junior Enterprise's services are very requested especially by local SME's, they help to strongly improve and support the local economy.

JE's around the world

In this map you can find the countries that have some Junior Enterprises created. Some of them have also joined together and you can find a National Confederation where all the JE's in the same country are represented. Also, Confederations can join together to create a bigger Confederation.

In the section Confederations you can find more details about those Confederations and National Confederations.

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As you can see in the map, there is a big JE Network, with Junior Enterprises in many countries around the world and even, many of them have joined and created National Confederations in some continents.
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